Social Responsability


Iniciativa Crescer is a project that was born and raised within CONSULAI’s probono program, part of its Social Responsibility area.
This project arises from projects developed in agriculture and agribusiness, which are our passion, our vocation and our brand image. With this initiative, rooted in CONSULAI’s culture of innovation and training, the goal is to "influence" the youth with our passion for these sectors and simultaneously stimulate dialogues and reflection on agriculture in school children from primary school up to higher education. This age structure corresponds to the different phases of this initiative:

For each step, CONSULAI intends to develop and strengthen partnerships with public schools and universities. Under the partnership that CONSULAI assumed with Escola Fernão Mendes Pinto, from Pragal, it played the role of the subject’s animator, providing contents and guidelines for work to be performed along with the school teachers. The work base always corresponds to the five constituents values ​​of the motivator axis of the initiative:

  • Tools: Knowing and mastering toolkit is to be efficient;
  • Stimulus: The entrepreneur builds up;
  • Sharing: Together we are more efficient;
  • Criticism: Constructive criticism is synonymous of quality;
  • Meritocracy: Effort should be rewarded.

2013 | 2014