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Innovation projects

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SPIN: Intelligent Precision Spraying Solution
This project aims to develop an innovative sprayer for arboreal-shrub crops, through a completely innovative and disruptive solution, taking into account the evolution of the world market.
ENTOVALOR - Insects as an opportunity for waste recovery
This project is based on the principle of circular economy applying it to the agri-food sector. The link that allows this connection is the larvae of insects of the species Hermetia illucens.
Project 4.1 – Novinoc
New microbial inoculants for pastures in agricultural-forestry-grazing livestock systems.
Project 4.1 – Smartcrop
Sustainable competitiveness.
Project 4.1 – Yellow Corn
Intensive farming and biodiversity.
Operational Group - ChildLamb
Valuing less noble parts of lamb for preparing meat products especially geared to early infancy.
Operational Group – FDControlo
The importance of alternative carriers in spreading the disease 'Flavescence Dorée' (FD) and in populations of Scaphoideus titanus.
Operational Group – Fruta Dragão
Validating the productive capability of Red Pitaya.
Operational Group – Gojiberries
Identifying the differences between the two main cultivars of Lycium barbarum – 'Short Leaf' and 'Long Leaf' –, and qualitative analysis of the fruit's components.
Operational Group – OleoColza
Obtaining Colza variety(ies) with superior characteristics in terms of quality, introduced as high-yield rotating crops.
Project 4.1 – Rustic Rye
Recovery of rye populations in the Serra da Estrela region.
Project 4.1 – FilmAgRega
Assessing the benefits and drawbacks of two irrigation modes and covering film.
Project 4.1 – Micropropelite
Developing new varieties of allogamic species of elite clover lines.
Project 4.1 – Olivoreg
Optimisation and yield.
Project 4.1 – Persleg
Assessing the persistence of native legumes.
Project 4.1 - AQUA+(PRO)
Smart irrigation to support the production of 'rocha' pear in Portugal's West region.
Project 4.1 - Aroma4Safe
Testing different modes for the production of Stevia rebaudiana Bertoni and Thymus mastichina L. ('Bela-luz' thyme), which can potentially replace sugar and salt in foods, respectively.
Project 4.1 - +Lupinus
Creating more resistant and value-added varieties of lupin nationwide.
Project 4.1 - Milho Pipoca
Production of corn varieties for making popcorn, thereby opening up a new market for corn growers in Portugal.