The origins of CONSULAI

Founded in March 2001, CONSULAI has become Portugal's largest consulting firm in the agricultural, food, forestry, sea and rural development sectors.

CONSULAI's history and trajectory

  • The emergence of CONSULAI: the company's formal incorporation
  • We kicked off our first project in Brazil
  • Our 1st anniversary!
  • We opened our first independent office
  • We hired our first staff member from outside our associates
  • We developed the innovation project, which involved commercialisation of sliced fresh fruit
  • Our '80g' Project earned us the API Capital Innovation Award
  • We turned 5 people!
  • We commemorated 5 years old!
  • Our company became certified under standard NP EN ISO 9001
  • Our “Texturising Olive Oil” project earned us the BES Innovation Award in the agro-industrial area
  • We moved our premises to the Lisbon Congress Centre
  • We launched the Terra Premium project, to commercialise olive oil
  • Our team grew to 11!
  • We organised our 1st workshop, under the topic of sustainability and carbon in the agribusiness sector
  • We became a BCSD member
  • We marked our 10th anniversary!
  • We launched our first project in Angola
  • We were given a distinction as a 'PME Líder' (Leading SME) company
  • We implemented the 1st certification under the PAS 2050 (Carbon footprint) standard in Portugal
  • We were given distinction as a 'PME Excelência' (SME of Excellence) company
  • We became partners in the launch of Portugal's 1st Post-Graduate Degree in Agribusiness
  • Our team grew to 16!
  • We took part in an international project in the area of sustainability
  • We launched our institutional website
  • We developed the 1st carbon calculator in Portuguese
  • We launched the study "The small fruit market"
  • We took part in the Climate-KIC programme
  • For the first time, we had a booth at AgroGlobal, the main agriculture fair in Portugal
  • We launched our YouTube channel – CONSULAI TV
  • We launched our first institutional video
  • We organised the first event with clients, called 'We are better together'
  • We were given distinction as a 'PME Leader 2014' company
  • Our team grew to 20!
  • We were present at Fruit Logistica 2015, in Berlin
  • For the first time, we had a presence at Ovibeja
  • We launched a partnership between CONSULAI and O TREVO
  • We opened a second office in Beja
  • We conducted our first project in the Azores
  • We were involved in 20 Operational Groups
  • We approved several projects under the PDR2020 and Portugal 2020
  • We conducted the 1st cycle of events entitled 'Creating Value in Change', in partnership with EDIA and O TREVO
  • We launched the initiative entitled 'Invest in Agrifood, Invest in Portugal,' as part of our internationalisation strategy
  • We were present at Ovibeja and Agroglobal
  • We were present at Fruit Attraction 2016, in Madrid
  • We were present at SIAL Paris 2016
  • We were present at Food Matters Live 2016, in London
  • We developed the area of Social Responsibility
  • We commemorated 15 years old!
  • We were present at Agri Innovation Summit Lisbon 2017
  • We were present at Agro Expo 2017, in Badajoz
  • We were present at Fruit Logistica 2017, in Berlin
  • We were present at Expoliva 2017, in Jaén
  • We organised a reverse mission for agricultural investors with 44 companies from several different countries
  • We were present at Fruit Attraction 2017, in Madrid
  • We launched the AgroBI tool (a registered trademark of CONSULAI)
  • We were in Ovibeja
  • We were present at H2020 Infoweek, in Brussels
  • We attended the 12th International Conference of Producer Organisations for fruit and vegetables – ICOP, in Nantes
  • We approved our 1st H2020 project – Super-G
  • We conducted the 2nd cycle of events 'Creating Value in Change', in a partnership with EDIA and O TREVO
  • We prepared the 1st Guide to investing in the farming sector in Portugal
  • We held the 1st meeting of the H2020 – Super-G project consortium
  • We approved another 4 H2020 projects
  • We became a member of EUFRAS
  • We were present at Agro Expo 2018, in Badajoz
  • We signed on to BCSD Portugal's charter of principles
  • We adopted the 'Voz da Marca' (Brand's Voice) in our communication
  • We were present at the Horizon 2020 Info Day, in Brussels
  • We were on hand at the 35th edition of Ovibeja and at Agroglobal 2018
  • We commemorated 18 years old!
  • We inaugurated the new Lisbon office
  • We organized the 1st edition of the "Mais Alqueva, Mais Valor" Awards
  • We were presented at the 36th Ovibeja
  • We received the certificate of membership of the "Punctual Payment Commitment"
  • We sponsored the 1st Iberian Maize Congress
  • We launched the new CONSULAI website
  • We launched the AGRI.DOAR Christmas Campaign
  • We approved our first project under the "Enjoy it's from Europe" programme - Say Azores Cheese
  • We launched the internet series "Favas Contadas"
  • We organized the webinars "Agriculture in times of crisis
  • We were present in Agroglobal digital
  • The relationship with our clients became even more autonomous, with telework!
  • We organised the second edition of the AGRI.DOAR Christmas Campaign
  • We turned 20 years old!
  • Our team grew even more, we are now 34
  • We approved our 1st project under the GreenDeal programme - ClieNFarms
  • We are working in 11 H2020 projects
  • We sponsored AgroIn
  • We were present at Ovibeja digital

The Company's Policy

  • To encourage a company development strategy based on economic, environmental and social sustainability
  • To provide services based on high quality standards and continuous improvement, always striving to meet our clients' needs and exceeding their expectations in terms of satisfaction
  • To provide services hinged on sound, long-term partnerships, based on close, trusting relationships
  • To create new services and foster new business opportunities, while adding value to our clients and improving their results, by developing innovative product, service and process solutions
  • To adopt technological tools to support company services
  • To foster the development of a dynamic team with high levels of knowledge and training, whose actions are geared to the company's values
  • To take decisions based on monitoring and measuring results, with a view to the continuous improvement of the processes and services provided
  • To promote actions of social relevance in the community, giving priority to those with the greatest impact on the territories, and rural activities
  • To treat our social and environmental impact as a primary measure of success for our business

Our Mission

To contribute to our clients’ success by creating value in their businesses and promoting innovative approaches with an impact on the sustainable development of rural areas.

Our Vision

In a global scenario of demographic growth, changes in consumer behaviour, rapid technological development and climate change, sustainability in the management of resources has an increased importance in business competitiveness.

With a skilled, innovative and entrepreneurial technical staff, CONSULAI aspires to become a benchmark company which, together with its clients, is able to develop the opportunities created under this context.

Certified Quality Management System

Since October 2007, our Quality Management System has been certified under standard NP EN ISO 9001:2000, within the scope of consulting, projects and training services in the agricultural, food, forestry, sea and rural development sectors.

CONSULAI is a certified training body recognised by DGERT as a competent entity providing top-quality training.


Privacy Policy of CONSULAI


The Privacy Policy of CONSULAI is based on the utmost respect for the privacy and protection of personal data of everyone that trusts us with such a valuable asset.

Privacy Policy (PDF)