Our national projects

In response to challenges raised by our clients, the CONSULAI team responds with motivation to develop the best projects.

Innovation projects

SPIN: Intelligent Precision Spraying Solution
This project aims to develop an innovative sprayer for arboreal-shrub crops, through a completely innovative and disruptive solution, taking into account the evolution of the world market.
Operational Group - ChildLamb
Valuing less noble parts of lamb for preparing meat products especially geared to early infancy.
Operational Group – FDControlo
The importance of alternative carriers in spreading the disease 'Flavescence Dorée' (FD) and in populations of Scaphoideus titanus.
Operational Group – Fruta Dragão
Validating the productive capability of Red Pitaya.
Operational Group – Gojiberries
Identifying the differences between the two main cultivars of Lycium barbarum – 'Short Leaf' and 'Long Leaf' –, and qualitative analysis of the fruit's components.
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Internationalization projects

National brand promotion
Submission of a joint project, through an application to the QREN under the Incentive System for the Qualification and Internationalization of SMEs, to support the promotion and internationalization actions of its members.
CONSULAI Internationalisation
CONSULAI Internationalisation | Aid to Investment in Portugal and in Portuguese-Speaking Countries.
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Sectorial studies

Business models in the provinces of Huambo and Benguela
ADRA - Action for Rural Development and Environment is a non-profit organization, which has a microcredit project to support agricultural associations and cooperatives.
Cabinda Integrated Agricultural Development Study
It is part of the commitment to diversify the Angolan economy. The importance of investing in the development of the agricultural and food sectors in the country, and in the province of Cabinda, in particular, justifies the African Development Bank to promote this study.
PEDR's Angola Evaluation
In order to analyze the implementation of the Extension and Rural Development Program (ERDP) in Angola, and launch a new Extension and Rural Development Program for the post-2012 period, an evaluation was carried out in the field of the execution of the results of the implementation of the ERDP.
Angola's industrialization program - Food and Beverage
The Angola Industrialization Program (PIA) is the guiding document for industrial activities in Angola, to be promoted in the period 2013-2017. The Food and Beverages sub-sector is strategic for the country and for territorial cohesion, being one of the sectors with the greatest dynamics and the greatest potential for the country's economic diversification.
Angola's industrialization program - Wood and Furniture and Pulp, Paper and Cardboard
The Angola Industrialization Program (PIA) is the guiding document for industrial activities in Angola, to be promoted in the period 2013-2017. The subsectors of Madeira and Furniture and Pulp, Paper and Cardboard are fundamental for the country's development and with enormous export potential.
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