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3 de December, 2021

H2020 InnoVar | Official video of the project

The H2020 InnoVar project (Testing Next Generation Varieties for Improved Crops on European Farms) is entering its third year and we can now see some really exciting results from our extensive trial series that will bring a lot more discussion with key stakeholders.  This video is an example of CONSULAI’s work on this project, where [...]

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H2020 InnoVar | Official video of the project
2 de December, 2021

H2020 MIXED | Field day | Good practices in the Montado

The first field day of the international project H2020 MIXED with the Portuguese network took place on October 19th. Focused on the best practices to be adopted in the management of Montado, this event took place in Samora Correia, in Companhia das Lezírias, and was attended by around 37 participants. With Montado producers and others [...]

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12 de November, 2021

Join the sector’s Christmas campaign!

AGRI.DOAR was born in 2019, when a group of companies in the agricultural, forestry and agri-food sectors have opted not to gift their customers with Christmas presents, channeling instead the amount to charity.  Last year, we counted on 23 partners and raised a donation greater than €25,000, which was allocated to LAR project. The support given to the institution made all the difference and impacted many lives. Watch the conversation with [...]

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8 de November, 2021

Workshop for farmers | SUPER-G

The H2020 SUPER-G project is organizing a workshop for farmers, farmers associations, research institutes and universities, with the aim of presenting the results of trials on permanent pasture conducted on national farms (Montado). Participate in this workshop, where you will have the opportunity to discuss  the results and best practices, with other producers of pastures [...]

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5 de November, 2021

Low Carbon Livestock Certification | AGRICERT

Elvas, November 2021 – The Paris Agreement, adopted in 2015, aims to achieve the decarbonisation of world economies, recognising that this will significantly reduce the risks and impacts of climate change, with Portugal being one of the European countries most affected. The effects of these changes in the national territory include rising temperatures, changing rainfall [...]

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2 de November, 2021

Portugal bets on medical cannabis

Cannabis is one of the oldest medicinal plants in the world. According to the Portuguese Observatory for Medicinal Cannabis (OPCM), the plant was used for many centuries by European and East Asian communities to acquire fibres and to manufacture fabrics due to its resistance. The use of cannabis for medicinal purposes emerged in 2,700 BC [...]

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29 de October, 2021

SHERPA Project: Meeting of the MAP Alqueva

Last Thursday, a meeting of the Alqueva MAP (Multi-actor Platform) of the SHERPA Project (#SHERPA2020) was held. The discussion focused on the transitions needed to minimize the impacts arising from climate change and the promotion of environmental sustainability, identifying policies and R&D needs. The collected contributions will be integrated in the Position Paper of the [...]

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28 de September, 2021

New network of pan-european ambassadors to change food systems

On the 14th of September 2021, EU Horizon project COCOREADO celebrated the launch of a pan-European ambassadors’ network. The project has opened a call to select individuals passionate about food and agriculture who would bring forward the project’s ambition of rebalancing the food supply chain and reconnecting farmers and consumers in Europe. The 40 selected [...]

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18 de August, 2021

SuWaNu Europe: “Because every drop counts”

The first international project in which CONSULAI is a partner ended in June 2021, SuWaNu Europe, a Thematic Network funded by the European Commission under the Horizon 2020 programme. For two and a half years, this project explored the sustainable use of water and agricultural reuse options in Europe, in 8 different countries/regions, with Cyprus [...]

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