Agriculture in time of crisis – Online debate

On March 31, at 11am, the online debate will take place - "Agriculture in time of crisis. What will happen and how we can anticipate and prepare for the future to come". - on the ZOOM platform.

The debate will have as speakers: Camilo Lourenço (Journalist), Gabriela Ventura (Manager), João Duque (Economist) and João Pacheco (Consultant). The debate moderators will be Pedro Santos and Luis Mira da Silva (CONSULAI).

Other News

6 de March, 2020

SUWANU EUROPE celebrates its first year in Rome

The 2nd General Meeting of SUWANU EUROPE took place on 23rd and 24th of January in Rome. The objective of these water reuse projects is to promote the effective exchange of knowledge, experience and skills between professionals and relevant actors in water reuse in agriculture, so that applicable direct technological and organizational solutions are widely and evenly spread [...]

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10 de July, 2020

CONSULAI supports a third application to the system of incentives for productive innovation in the context of COVID-19

The incentive system for productive innovation in the COVID-19 context supports companies that wish to establish, strengthen or reverse their production capacities for goods and services to combat the COVID-19 pandemic. The objective of the application is to meet the needs of today’s society by redirecting, temporarily, the activity to this production or by leveraging [...]

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