CAP Simulator 2021/22

CONSULAI has developed the CAP 2021/22 Simulator, which makes it possible to estimate the aid planned for farmers in the 2021 and 2022 marketing years.

The reform of the Common Agricultural Policy will bring changes in the direct aid to be received by farmers, but these changes will only apply from the 2023 marketing year. Therefore, under the transitional regime, adjustments will be made to the current support to farmers, resulting from national decisions, which will have an impact on the next two marketing years.

O Simulador PAC 2021/2022allows, through a simple and intuitive platform, the rapid introduction of information and estimate the impacts on the support to be received in each particular situation.

In this freely accessible simulator, you can test different scenarios. Test your CAP 2021/22 Simulator here!

The simulator will always be updated when there are changes in national decisions.

If you want a more detailed analysis of the impacts of CAP reform on your business, and support in strategic decision-making, you can count on the CONSULAI team to work with you.

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