ClieNFarms – How to adapt farming solutions for the transition to climate neutrality?

ClieNFarms is a 4-year Innovation Action project funded by the European Commission to support the European Green Deal. The general aim of ClieNFarms is to co-develop and upscale systemic locally relevant solutions to reach climate neutral and climate resilient sustainable farms across Europe.

Supporting the Farm to Fork (F2F) strategy and contributing to the achievement of its objectives, the ClieNFarms project aims to demonstrate, evaluate, and improve technical, organisational and financial solutions at the farm level that will contribute to achieving climate-neutrality of European agriculture by 2050. This will be done using a framework of case studies, the I3S (Innovative Systemic Solutions Space), which will support the empowerment of all actors of the value chain, contributing to carbon neutrality in the different production systems. These solutions will be integrated in an interactive way and at the same time improved, with the objective of developing economically viable business models in agricultural systems. The process aims to involve farmers and consultants, agri-food companies, policy makers and citizens, and the solutions will be further disseminated. In addition, trainings, exchanges with peer farmers and the creative arena will allow the demonstration of the pros and cons of proposed solutions, so that farmers can make informed choices.

What is the Creative Arena?

An important component of each I3S in the ClieNFarms Project is the Creative Arena. The Creative Arena is a living lab type approach that brings together farmers and the other stakeholders of the value chain, to discuss the most suitable set of solutions for their farm to transition to climate neutrality. The specific objectives of the creative arena include:

  • The creation of collective intelligence around solution adaption and implementation.
  • Empowerment of farmers.
  • Promotion of the discussion between stakeholders, as to gather knowledge on how ClieNFarms can help get solution onto farms.

In spring 2023, Nutrifarms, together with CONSULAI, will organise the 1st Creative Arena in Portugal. We intend with this event to identify and discuss technical and organizational solutions that reduce GHG emissions and increase carbon sequestration in the Portuguese olive sector. Join us and put your creativity at the service of the sector!

Stay tuned for more information on the ClieNFarms website ( and CONSULAI’ social media.

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