Communication on the Long-Term Vision for Rural Areas

The European Commission (EC) has published the long-awaited Communication on the Long Term Vision for Rural Areas to 2040.

This document identifies the challenges and concerns that rural areas face and highlights some of the most promising opportunities for these regions. Based on the forecast and various consultations with the public and other stakeholders in rural areas, the Vision proposes a Rural Pact and Rural Action Plan, which aim to make rural areas stronger, more interconnected, prosperous and resilient, to further the well-being for all who live there.

The Rural Pact will mobilise Public Authorities, and stakeholders to act on the needs and aspirations of rural inhabitants.

The accompanying EU Rural Action Plan will be articulated around flagship initiatives related to: i) creating an innovation ecosystem; ii) promoting sustainable transport links and digitalisation; iii) supporting economic diversification.

The results and conclusions of the H2020 SHERPA project were considered and reported to the Communication, in particular, the SHERPA Discussion Paper and Position Paper on the Long-Term Vision for Rural Areas, with contributions from 20 Multi-Actor Platforms (MAPs), composed of policy-science-society representatives.

CONSULAI is a partner in the SHERPA project and coordinated the work of the MAP RURAL_PT, focused on the Central region, which had the participation of a valuable working group and important contributions to this discussion.

Other News

6 de May, 2021


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8 de November, 2021

Workshop for farmers | SUPER-G

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