CONSULAI League | Let’s play Padel?

CONSULAI in partnership with Padel Factory, launched the CONSULAI League, which is an exclusive event for the agricultural, agrifood and forestry sector.

This league is an exclusive padel competition for companies in the agricultural, forestry and food sectors, in which can participate: production, processing and marketing companies, as well as suppliers and service providers in these sectors can participate.

The CONSULAI League aims to be a convivial space for the sector where, in a relaxed environment, experience and knowledge can be shared.

Padel is an inclusive sport, easy to practise and which has been able to adapt to new safety rules imposed by this global pandemic. The CONSULAI League will be played in 5 stages plus a Final Master between September 26th and June 5th.

Registration is now open. We are waiting for you!

Registration for the 1st stage ends on September 16th.

Find out more at

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