Fruta Dragão Project organizes seminar on June 23

Fruta Dragão Project, organizes on June 23, in the Green Auditorium, University of Algarve, Gambelas Campus, Faro, at 14:30, the program can be found here.

The GO Fruta Dragão has as main objective to validate the productive capacity of the Red Pitaia, of red pulp and white pulp, taking competitive advantage of the Algarve region for its optimal soil and climate conditions, which allow to obtain production throughout the year in order to satisfy the national and international market. Started in 2018 and running until the end of 2021, this project is led by the Young Farmers Association of Portugal (AJAP) and has five other partners: CONSULAI, University of the Algarve and the companies Mil Plantas, Luís Sabbo – Frutas do Algarve and Desafio Tropical.

On the technical side, the establishment of contacts with several Pitaia producers who are growing the plant in different edaphoclimatic and cultivation conditions allowed us to make observations on these plants, in order to relate the growth and production of the plant with the cultivation conditions and cultural practices. On the other hand, the phytopathology of the crop was evaluated in all field trips, where samples of plants with symptoms of some kind of pathology were collected for laboratory observation and diagnosis. In the laboratory the fungi associated with the pathology were isolated.

Don’t miss the opportunity to learn more about this crop and this project, by registering here. Learn more about the project here.

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