H2020 MIXED | Field day | Good practices in the Montado

The first field day of the international project H2020 MIXED with the Portuguese network took place on October 19th.

Focused on the best practices to be adopted in the management of Montado, this event took place in Samora Correia, in Companhia das Lezírias, and was attended by around 37 participants. With Montado producers and others interested in the topic, it was possible to exchange experiences and knowledge, based on the example of Companhia das Lezírias, which has been adopting different strategies with regard to the management of the Montado and the surrounding ecosystem.

The H2020 MIXED project is a project financed by the EU Horizon2020 program and its main objective is to explore the benefits of mixed agriculture and agroforestry systems (MiFAS) for the climate, the environment and society in general and to support their future development. The assumption is that MiFAS have the potential to be efficient and resilient while providing ecosystem services for the benefit of society and the environment.

In Portugal, the project is implemented by CONSULAI, as network coordinator, by ISA-UL, as academic partner, and by a network of farmers practicing Mixed Agriculture and Agroforestry Systems, in particular the Montado – a Mediterranean mixed system protected by UNESCO, which combines agroforestry activities with extensive livestock production.

The objective of the MIXED network in Portugal is to share experiences to improve the management practices of the Montado. Climate change and soil degradation, as well as poor crop management practices, have paved the way for the decline of the Montado, due to weakened root systems, drought, and the proliferation of pests. A new paradigm is needed for the Montado to adapt to climate change, while ensuring the economic viability and environmental sustainability of farms.

(Re)view the field day video at: https://youtu.be/mNujuWaRJ9M

Also follow the social media channels of the H2020 MIXED project: Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to follow all the project developments and results, or visit us at: https://projects.au.dk/mixed/

H2020 MIXED | Dia de campo | Boas práticas no Montado

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