INTAQT, The answer to Consumer needs

INTAQT is a project supported by Horizon 2020, which aims to assess the relationship between animal production systems and the quality of the products they produce, particularly in the poultry and beef sector.

From extensive to superintensive, the range of options for the livestock production system varies as per consumer needs. The lack of objective information on animal quality, needed to meet the expectations of the final consumer, makes it difficult for the actors in the food chain to act. In recent years, Europe has increasingly focused on the agri-food chain through the implementation of public policies and the design of innovative projects such as COCOREADO, a Horizon 2020 project.

CONSULAI, as one of Portugal’s largest SMEs specialized in agro-industrial consulting, is well known for its role in the communication and dissemination of this type of projects, both at nationally and European level.  As such, with INTAQT, it will develop new initiatives and services at national level, through the organisation of training for Portuguese farmers and producers to use the tools created.

Participation in the INTAQT project will bring new market opportunities to the National agricultural sector, while ensuring the maximum quality of the products obtained, not forgetting the sustainability of production and animal welfare.

To know more about INTAQT click on the link to the website,or follow our social media (Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn).

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