IPMWORKS: The new vineyard hub in Portugal has been launched!

The H2020 IPMWORKS project aims to promote the adoption of Integrated Protection Strategies, based on a network of farmers at the European Union level, through peer learning and joint efforts, always focused on the balance between reducing dependence on pesticides and the effective control of pests and diseases. In this way, it is possible to reduce the costs involved in the production process while ensuring the profitability of production.

The IPMWORKS network is based on five agricultural sectors (arable field crops, vineyards, orchards, vegetables, horticulture), in conventional and organic production methods, and has 22 demonstration centres (Hubs) for integrated pest management strategies. Each Hub is specific to a particular sector and region and comprises 10 to 15 farms.

In Portugal, CONSULAI is involved in the process of creating two demonstration Hubs, one in the area of viticulture and another linked to open-air horticulture. The Viticulture Hub currently has a total of 13 farms, and the Outdoor Horticulture Hub is still in the creation phase, with already 10 collaboration intentions.

The 1st National Meeting of the Viticulture Hub was held on 21 April. This meeting was attended by a total of 15 participants, including most of the farms belonging to the Hub. One of the objectives of this meeting was to identify the difficulties that farmers have experienced in the adoption of integrated production systems, and which could meet the objective of reducing the use of pesticides. (e.g. cicadella, mites, vine scald, among others); iii) effects of climate change; iv) legal restrictions on the use of some active ingredients; v) dependence on production factors; vi) support for decision-making; vii) lack of information sharing and knowledge exchange; viii) continuous training/capacity building of operators.

The other objective was to identify good integrated production practices that are already applied in order to reduce the use of pesticides, such as: i) re-grassing; ii) holistic vision of the system; iii) creation of habitat banks alongside water lines and other ecological structures to encourage auxiliaries; iv) early monitoring by operators of potential problems in the vineyard; v) mechanical weed control; vi) review of atomisers; vii) grout recoverers; viii) soil and water management.

This meeting managed to meet the objectives set, mainly because it generated a participatory and dynamic session of exchange of knowledge and experiences.

As a result of this meeting, CONSULAI is organising the 1st Demonstration Event in the field of this same Hub, which will take place in the exploitation of the member FITA PRETA.

To learn more about the hubs and the project, check out the project site: https://ipmworks.net/

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