SHERPA Project: Meeting of the MAP Alqueva

Last Thursday, a meeting of the Alqueva MAP (Multi-actor Platform) of the SHERPA Project (#SHERPA2020) was held.

The discussion focused on the transitions needed to minimize the impacts arising from climate change and the promotion of environmental sustainability, identifying policies and R&D needs.

The collected contributions will be integrated in the Position Paper of the Alqueva MAP and shared with the European MAP, in order to influence the construction of European policies in the future.

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13 de March, 2020

RDP 2020 Measure Dissemination Session

Following the Opening of the Application of Measure 10 LEADER – Small Investments in Agriculture, the Project Des@fia.te – CLDS 4G in partnership with Alentejo XXI – Association for Integrated Development of the Rural Environment – will hold an Information and Dissemination Session of the Measure to be held on the next 19th at [...]

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6 de March, 2020

Workshop for producers – SUPER-G project

As part of the H2020 SUPER-G project, CONSULAI would like to invite you to this workshop which will take place next week! The main objective is the discussion of new Sustainable Permanent Grassland management systems in the Montado and its respective agricultural policies. CONSULAI as partner and leader of the SUPER-G Communication and Dissemination work [...]

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