Social Responsibility

CONSULAI supports initiatives through financial and in kind donations to projects and the provision of services to projects of a social nature in the agricultural sector. This way, the company seeks to actively contribute with financing and projects we believe in.

Support to projects



CONSULAI seeks to support institutions close to its location, not only to contribute to its local community, but also to enable a close contact with the institutions, understanding its needs and how we can help.

Reaching out to everyone

Although recurring help is provided mostly to nearby institutions, CONSULAI seeks to reach out to everyone. Thus, through seasonal campaigns, such as in Christmas, we strive to also back new causes and institutions.

Backing causes we believe in!

We fully get behind the causes we support! We seek to back institutions with a sound, effective project, which will allow us to fully throw our support behind the cause, while monitoring and observing the results of our aid.

A few examples

The Solidarity Vegetable Garden Project

The Portuguese Federation of Food Banks – CONSULAI has backed this project since 2016, providing consulting services. The ‘Horta Solidária’ project is a social project fostering the reintegration of inmates from seven penitentiaries, by creating vegetable gardens in farmlands in prisons.

Bia's Garden

Through personal donations from its employees, CONSULAI seasonally backs this project launched by the Friends of St. Francis Xavier Hospital.

Supporting Life

CONSULAI backs this project throughout the year, through the purchase of necessary goods that include office supplies and hygiene care products for infants.

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